PM Systems Manual

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This 350+ page systems manual provides your Agency with a fully documented set of Property Management Operations and supporting resources to complete every task after the property has been handed over to a Tenant.



This document has been designed to be easily edited to suit your Agency’s workflow. References throughout the document have been made for you to add customisable steps for both your State-specific legislation and preferred software.

Rent Collection Systems
  • Receipting Direct Debits & Deposits
  • Receipting Cheques & Money Orders
  • Trust Account Reconciliation
  • Banking Procedure
  • Disbursements
  • Bonds
  • Unknown Funds
  • Rent Refund
  • End of Month Close
  • Preparing for End of Financial Year
  • End of Financial Year
Arrears Systems
  • Arrears
  • Breach – Rent Arrears
Repairs and Maintenance Systems
  • Repairs & Maintenance Request Received
  • Urgent Repairs
  • Process Repairs & Maintenance
  • Quote Requested
  • Damage Assessed as Insurance Claim
  • Work Checked
  • Invoice Approved
Routine Inspections Systems
  • Routine Scheduling
  • Preparing for Routine Inspections
  • Conducting Routine Inspections
  • Complete Post-Inspection Tasks
Renewal Systems
  • Review Rent
  • Landlord Initiated – End of Tenancy
  • Tenant Initiated – End of Tenancy
  • Fixed Term Tenancy Renewal
  • Periodic Lease
Rectification Systems
  • Rectification Inspection
  • Issue Rectified
  • Issue Not Rectified
Breaches & Notices Systems
  • Breach – Rent Arrears
  • General Breach
  • Application For Possession
  • Unremedied Breach
  • At Tribunal
  • Order Made – Dispute Hearing
  • Order Made – Possession
  • Executing A Warrant Of Possession


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