Tori Austen

Sales Co-ordinator

Phone: 1300 734 596

Expertise: Property Management, Administration, and Trust Accounting

Department: Resource & Administration

With a robust background spanning over 8 years in property management, administration, and trust accounting, Tori brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her dedication to excellence is reflected in her attention to detail and her commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Tori’s journey in the field of Property Management extends beyond traditional responsibilities, encompassing years of hands-on experience in accounts payable and payroll. Her multifaceted skill set makes her an invaluable asset, capable of handling diverse challenges with ease.

One of Tori’s defining qualities is her care and dedication to providing accurate information to clients promptly. Her efficient approach ensures that clients receive the highest level of service.

Beyond the office, Tori is a passionate sports enthusiast, she actively engages in netball and touch football. Tori finds solace in the great outdoors, frequently embarking on camping adventures with her partner and friends. Her diverse taste in music mirrors her dynamic personality, adding a unique flair to her overall character.


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