“From my initial phone call to head office, then with Brad & Nathan, it was clear that the team at Real Estate Dynamics have a structured & process driven business. When I was put on the phone with Brad on our initial call, he purely focused on understanding our business and also explained the process of selling with in-depth detail. The attention to detail throughout the whole process was just phenomenal. Part of making any informed decision on our family business that we have operated for 20 years, we contacted another x2 brokers in the rent roll brokerage space and we essentially knew that if we were to select another broker it would be a loss for us.

We had a very unique rent roll, a wide spread and a portion of our rent roll was to be sold to a very niche market. Brad took an enormous amount of effort to ensure I had a full understanding of how it all worked & the actual likely outcome which was the reality. I wasn’t being told what I wanted to hear, it was all about the facts and again being clear & strategic with our approach with how/why we will get a suitable buyer in the timeliest manner. I naturally felt comfortable from the beginning.

Upon reviewing other rent roll companies online, Real Estate Dynamics have the biggest market share for a reason, their work ethic & service is just beyond, wait till you experience it and you will see, then their advertisements are very clear & easy to navigate around especially their website.

The consistency & effort at all times by both Brad & Nathan let alone their communication levels with us was just exceptional, I did not need to call Brad or think about where things are at with the sale. We were constantly updated from the beginning right up until settlement. From the time we went to market, we knew exactly where things were at which naturally is important when selling an asset.

One of the best features of this process was the communication & effort levels with Brad & Nathan which was just incredible for the entire process, the consistency throughout the sale, it would be foolish for anyone to think to go elsewhere.

The admin/contract team, Chloe & Jessica, they are both absolutely amazing with their communication and delivery of data & contracts. The contract turn around especially with our contract as the buyer did not electronically sign the contract and there was a lot more manual work involved for Chloe to do and she did a fantastic job as well as Jessica with all the data.

The other main benefits were their knowledge & qualifying of leads – eg. Very quick to understand & identify the right buyer for our business. They were incredibly reliable. I didn’t have to wait for a second call from Brad or Nathan, they are just all over it the entire time and they actually wanted to make sure we got the best buyer fit for our business.

10/10 I would recommend Real Estate Dynamics if you are considering selling your Rent Roll.

Thank you is not enough to the whole team at Real Estate Dynamics including the admin team, absolutely amazing. Very grateful to have you all sort out a solution for my family.