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 Real Estate Dynamics provides the pathway to building an exceptional Real Estate business that wants to achieve accelerated growth and continual improvement. We provide expert industry knowledge, reliable advice and proven business principles to support their scalability.
 This is delivered through our Real Estate management consulting, Real Estate training courses and acquisition services which are all driven by our smart team of individuals that collaborate to get great results.

Data is at the core of decision-making.  Our Data Warehouse holds the metrics for benchmarking a Real Estate Agency.  All businesses can wander off track from time to time and our strategies are formed based on data-driven solutions that can get a business back on the path of growth.

The ‘Real Estate Dynamics Way’ is tested regularly, adjusted where needed and always supported by data.  What we do works.  Our Training programs align with our Consultancy programs as do our resources and our acquisition and Brokerage services which in turn, provide the critical pathway.

Getting and keeping the right people is a big piece of the puzzle.  As experienced talent becomes more difficult to find, training and knowledge resources become more important. Our members have access to industry-leading training programs and tools for new personnel to real estate.

Through our Rent Roll Brokers, our members achieve accelerated growth by having the first choice of Rent Roll listings and Real Estate Agencies for sale in their areas.  In fact, the brokers also work with our members to find them suitable Rent Rolls to acquire.

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Company History

2004 - 2009
2004 - 2009

Real Estate Dynamics founded and our first Property Management Resource pack was launched.

Our Property Management Best Practice resources are developed and released to the market

Live training sessions launched with over 1300 attendees

2012 - 2018
2012 - 2018

1000 Resource Members

FOUNDATION consulting program released.

Certified Coaching Services

Winner 2012 REIA National Awards for Excellence - Business Broker of the Year

Over $200,000,000 in rent roll and agency sales achieved

Coaching program developed and released to market

Brokerage team reach a milestone of $300,000,000 in sales


Our online Property Management Resource Library & Support hub was born.

STANDOUT | BDM Performance Program was developed and launched to the market

Nathan Brett appointed as company CEO and Board Chairman

Brad Miller appointed as company COO and CMO

The implementation of a fully flexible team able to work from anywhere


The launch of world class eLearning Courses that can be accessed by Members anywhere, any time

Introduction of the RED Data Warehouse. Housing data from 17 years of Rent Roll and Agency Sales as well as thousands of consulting clients

The launch of the first Annual Rent Roll Market Report for the East Coast of Australia

Surpassing 900 settled sales of Rent Rolls, Strata and Agencies

A company record set of $22,372,069.74 of settled Rent Rolls and Agency Sales

2021 - Now
2021 - Now

Creating a full set of documented Property Management Operational Systems which now forms an industry manual

Launch of our free Summary Appraisal and Agency Assessment Reports for the Real Estate Industry

“I’m supported to be the best I can be!”

Why do I like working here? You would think it’s the flexibility to work from home, and yes, this is amazingly cool, and did I say amazing … actually, the main ingredient is that management has my back. I’m supported to be the best I can be and given the space to grow while being encouraged to contribute to the organisational goals. 

Daneen Littlejohn

Business Strategist & Performance Coach

Benefits of working with Real Estate Dynamics

There’s plenty of employee perks to look forward to as a member of the Real Estate Dynamics team.


The Real Estate Dynamics Difference

We have an amazing culture with team members who care. Be part of the change by making a positive impact in the lives of the people we work with.


Recognition, reward and incentive schemes

We recognise and reward committed employees who contribute to the success of Real Estate Dynamics, in line with achieving our vision.


Learning and development

We’re also a training company that delivers real estate industry training nationally, all of which is accessible to our team members. Employees can also apply for study assistance when undertaking a tertiary course considered to be of mutual benefit to the employee and Real Estate Dynamics.


Work from home

Team members can enjoy working from their chosen location.  We have team members across the country, working from home and coming together online to deliver our services.


Regular Activities

Team celebrations, social events, Friday drinks (online), awards and more!


Extra leave options

We support parental leave, paid days off for birthdays, emotional health days and other leave options for our people.

Company Values


We display care in all that we do. Our Clients, Customers, team members and all our stakeholders are important to us, and we give complete attention to their needs and wellbeing. We ask questions and we listen. We believe in our ability to act and advise in their best interests, and to protect them from harm through our genuine interest in their lives.  We will be there to lend a helping hand. We offer support to others and help them achieve their goals. 


Commitment is a promise, and promises must be kept.  We do what we say we will do and are a dependable team that takes responsibility and ownership for our actions.  People can count on us. We are trustworthy. Our people are attentive, present, and when a team member makes a commitment, everyone knows it will be done without the need to follow them up.  Reliability enhances trust. Our people use systems to ensure that we are consistently reliable. 


We are honest and ethical and always ask ‘what is the right thing to do?’.  This is our moral compass and even if we suffer a personal or business loss as a result of making the right decision, we will do it. We understand it might be a short-term loss for the greater good of a long-term win.  We do the right thing when nobody is watching, and we always do the right thing in both our business and our personal lives. We speak our honest truth.  If we have a difficult conversation, we will ask permission to do so prior to the conversation. The first rule of ethics is to never knowingly do harm, and we see this as essential to integrity.

Continual Improvement

We strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.  Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and to grow.  Our people embrace learning and growing personally and professionally.  We have an open mind to new experiences, ideas and concepts. We ask questions of our team to obtain help, as we understand that we do not know it all and never will.  It is a journey we embark upon together rather than a destination. Our people understand their strengths and continue to develop them.  We also understand our weaknesses and reach out for support, continually learning along the way.


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Brad Robson

Rent Roll & Agency Broker

“Genuine care and support from the team members”

What I like most about working at Real Estate Dynamics is the flexibility. As long as I am achieving the results that are expected, I can work whenever and from wherever I would like. A culture of success, along with genuine care and support from the team members are two other benefits about working for Real Estate Dynamics.

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